Tuesday night.


Hello, Tuesday night! So, where to begin? First of all, I am typing this with my computer kind of propped up on its side because the charging port on my laptop is shot, and the only way it will charge is if it's at a particular angle. I usually try to charge it, then use it, but I forgot to do that so here I am in this silly position typing away. Secondly, yesterday was tattoo day! Cory tattooed me for almost five hours and it was horrible. At first I was feeling like it wasn't too bad- I think I even mentioned on Instagram that that spot wasn't terrible- but a couple hours into it I started hating everything. And five hours later I vowed to never get tattooed again. This whole thing happens almost every time, but I always somehow manage to forget the pain before the next time rolls around. With that said though, I do think this may just be the last bigger piece I get. I don't have any other large spaces I want to fill, so the only other tattoos I can see myself wanting are for future children. But we'll see. We didn't finish it (we have another hour left), so I'll post a good photo of the whole thing once it's completed. And for those who don't follow me on IG (username: danihampton), I got a portrait of my favorite poet, Sylvia Plath.

And then tonight was the Madewell event, which was really fun. I got to meet some super sweet readers and new friends, had a bunch of my favorite people stop by, and Henry, my Mom, and sister came too. Henry was a ball of energy and it's hilarious to me to see him turn on his "ham" side when he's in a group of people. It was a great night and I'll share some photos of that later on when I get back to my regular computer.

As for now, sleep calls. Last night was a BAD night of sleep so I'm really looking forward to hopefully getting a full seven or eight hours. Poor little Henry somehow wet the crib, and woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Even after the sheet was changed and he was in fresh pajamas, he did not want to go back in. I tried for a good hour to calm him down, but anytime I went to put him back to bed he would freak out. So I brought him into bed with me, which is always a gamble, and he didn't sleep much at all for a couple of hours. And when he did finally fall asleep I couldn't get any rest because I was so worried about him rolling off the bed without Hank on the other side. I felt terrible this morning from being awake all night, but on the other side of the coin it was so nice to just cuddle with him. We stopped co-sleeping at 6 months so it's always so, so sweet and special when he's in the bed with us.

And now speaking of bed I'm going to cut this short because I am falling asleep while I type! Goodnight!