Dear Henry

Henry Soccer

Dear Henry,

My big boy. You are almost 19 months now and at times I can't even believe that to be true. To me you are still that tiny baby in my arms, being rocked and rocked to sleep every night (I think you'll always be that baby to me). In reality though, that baby is gone, and here you are, in all of your boyish silliness, your wildness, your crazy hair and happy laughter. You run and jump and play until you can't run or jump or play anymore, and your little voice rings through the house whenever you're awake.

You are a ball of energy, the biggest bear hug, and the sweetest nuzzle into my neck. You talk all of the time, and every single day you seem to pick up a new word. You love to play with Madeline (Madddddieee!), you love to yell for your Daddy first thing in the morning (Dadadadadadaaa!) and you reserve your wettest kisses for your mama, throwing your arms up and around my neck, your legs hooking on either side of my body.

At 19 months old you are a bookworm. We read all day and every night we read a minimum of 3 books before bed. If we skip one, you know. You're happiest snuggled up on one of our laps, and when we ask if you're ready for bed, you always say "no" in the softest little voice.

Henry, it's hard to even put into words how much you have brought to our lives. Your Dad and I often talk about how interesting it is to have such a marker of before and after. We thought life was great before, but you have made it even better, somehow. Now as we watch you grow more and more everyday into the little boy you will become, it's amazing to see your personality develop. You are kind and caring, funny and smart. You're stubborn and have a fiery temper like your mama but you also have the sweetest, calmest energy about you, like your papa.

As we move into the second half of your second year, it's exciting to think about you turning two in the fall, and being able to communicate even more. I anxiously await the day you'll say "I love you too, Mommy" as I shut off your light before bed, but for now my heart still happy-aches at that tiny smile across your face as you blow me a kiss and say "nigh nigh."

I love you, sweet Henry!


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