Happy, today.


 5 Things making me happy, today:

1. You've Got Mail being on television- is there anything better than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Answer: no. Tom Hanks is probably my favorite actor of all time, and in my opinion, this movie in particular is one of his very best...and one of my all-time favorites!

2. And on the subject of Tom Hanks (a phrase I never imagined would be used here, and also on my twitter 2x yesterday), something else TH-related that also makes me happy is a little joke Hank and I played on my parents' the other night. They know I'm getting tattooed Monday, but didn't know what, so we convinced them I was getting Tom Hanks' portrait tattooed on my thigh. My Dad was so weirded out kind of disgusted, and my Mom tried her best to be sweet and ask questions like "so why would you get that? I've never heard you mention really liking him before! ...but I'm sure it will be lovely!" We let it go on for awhile before telling them we were kidding, but it was hilarious and made me laugh until my cheeks hurt.

3. New friends. It's so hard making real friendships as an adult, and although I have so many great girls in my life, I don't have many who live close by. Since becoming a Mom I've met some amazing new mama friends who have little ones that are Henry's age! There's nothing better than being able to sit and talk and relate so much to one another, and best of all, I'd be friends with these girls even if we didn't have the whole motherhood thing in common.

4. Reading. If you follow my blog regularly you know I love television. I don't even try and hide it, and in the words of my mother "I just love my shows!" But I only have so much "free time" once Henry goes to bed, and honestly, there are better things to do than binge-watch Sons of Anarchy (although there aren't many better things). I usually go through phases of reading and most months I'll be super into it, choosing to read over watching television before bed. That makes me feel the happiest and the most fulfilled. This has been one of those months. It helps to have a huge list of books to work through and I'm so happy to be in the middle of a couple good novels.

5. Shows. Music has always been the biggest part of my life, and Hank's too, but recently we had this whole realization that we hadn't been to a show or seen a band play in far too long. It's weird (and I guess slightly cheesy) just how alive seeing a favorite band play makes me feel. So since we had that conversation we've gone to a few shows and had the best time. Last night we went and saw The Swellers play in a venue I spent a lot of time in when I was younger, and it was weird being there, and being 30 and not a teenager. It's bizarre, and while we watched one of the very young opening bands I couldn't help but get emotional thinking about how wonderful it is that all of these kids have a place to go and be themselves too. I think this whole topic deserves another, longer post from me, but for now I'll leave it at how happy it makes me feel that we've been going to a few shows here and there.

I'm off to the gym now, and then to get tattooed later on! I'm not looking forward to the actual process, but this one is a particularly special one and I've been looking forward to it for some time. I'll share some photos tomorrow. Have a great Monday! xo