Packing your suitcase

Picture this: You're going on vacation to Italy. You want to relax and feel chic and timeless, a la Grace Kelly. These mix-and-match pieces would do the trick...(Of course, I'd also love to wear them in New York, too!)

1. Maxi dress. The perfect sexy dress for relaxing at the beach, then heading to dinner.
2. Eyelet dress. Fresh and sweet.
3. Cashmere cardigan. Because red looks amazing in photos.
4. Denim jacket. Nothing looks cuter than a sunkissed girl in a denim jacket.
5. Gold bangle set.
6. Oversized straw tote.
7. Red bikini. (A cheaper one here.)
8. Sandals. I've spent months searching for summer sandals that are pretty and comfy. These, finally, are both. (And only $36!)
9. Negroni. A rich and bitter cocktail, best served in a little Italian fishing village.

What do you always pack for vacation? I'd love to hear any tips!

P.S. My friend Susan's genius honeymoon tip.

(Post by Joanna; photo by John Cullen; graphic design by Rachel from Elephantine)