9 simple wedding rings

Last fall, I wrote a post simple wedding rings, and since then, I've come across a few more that have taken my breath away. Here are 9 beautiful rings that are pretty enough to wear on their own...

1. Braided ring, $348.
2. Black oval ring, $250.
3. Blade of grass ring, $495.
4. Black diamond ring, $710.
5. Heart ring, $200.
6. Infinity hug ring, $193.
7. Diamond band, $520.
8. Speckled band, $330.
9. Bateau ring, $980.

Thoughts? What's your wedding ring like? Mine's a thin gold band. xoxo

P.S. 6 more wedding rings.

(Graphic design by Jennifer Hagler for Cup of Jo)

NYC Date Night: Fire Escape Drinks

Alex and I are always lamenting the fact that we don't have a garden or balcony or any outdoor space. Once Toby goes to bed, we're pretty much stuck inside for the night. But then! We had a lightbulb moment...
We could hang out on our fire escape. So we've started a little ritual of climbing out there on random warm evenings, and last night, we decided to snap some photos. First, we dress up to make it feel more like a real date. (I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt at home...or, let's be honest...pajamas:)
Then we climb out our bedroom window. (Whoot, whoot! Nice legs!)
We sip and chat, three stories up. We can hear the street noise (cars honking), the trees (leaves rustling), and a restaurant garden nearby (people murmuring, glasses clinking)...
Do you ever drink rose? Sometimes it gets a bad rap, but it's the perfect refreshing drink for a warm evening. And I love the bright pink hue; it just feels like summer. (Side note: You can spot the restaurant garden below us, to the left of Alex.)
Our fire escape looks across a courtyard onto another apartment building, just like Rear Window.
We love our little outdoor drinks, and I'm glad, after six years of living here, that we finally thought of it!

Do you have a fire escape? Or a balcony? Or (gasp) an actual garden? Be still my heart.

(Update: I'm wearing this silk polka-dot skirt and these Swedish Hasbeen sandals.)

Congratulations to our Pantera Giveaway Winners!

One small administrative matter: we never formally announced the contest winners for our Pantera giveaway.

These Tattoosday readers
  1. Ryan Loomis
  2. William Carter
  3. Terry Payne
  4. Sandy Tran
were our lucky winners, each receiving copies of Pantera's 20th anniversary CD/DVD of Vulgar Display of Power.

Congrats to all!

Joe's Motto: Ora et Labora

Last September, at my dear friend Jill's wedding, I met Joe, who is the father of Kathy (Jill's step-mother).

There wasn't a lot of visible ink at the wedding, but when Kathy saw me at the reception, she yelled "Hey, Tattoosday!" and brought Joe over to see me.

He held out his wrists and I snapped the photo above.

It was a bit noisy at the reception, but he basically said that this was his motto. In Latin, Ora et Labora  mean "pray and work," and as Joe tells it, all he does is work and pray. The phrase is attributed to Saint Benedict.

Kathy concurs, "I will tell you that he does is work and pray ... or tell us to work and pray ... it really is quite a theme with him."

This was tattooed at Godspeed Tattoo in Breckenridge, Colorado. Joe got these words inked on his wrists a few years back, when he was in his early seventies. Who says cool tattoos are just for the youth?

Thanks to Joe for sharing his tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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