Weekend links

Happy Friday everyone! It's Super Bowl weekend and usually we'd be having a party or at least watching the game, but this year Hank is in the studio with his newest  band so we're skipping it. I honestly don't mind one bit, although I might flip it on now and again to catch the commercials (my favorite!).

Here are some links to start your weekend off! Whatever you do, have a good one. xo


Lisa Khoury wrote a response to her "Why Put a Bumper Sticker on a Ferrari?" piece. What are your thoughts on it? Check out her managing editor's piece too- "Tattoo This, Haters."

Super fascinating interview with Hank's friends- a husband and wife design team. Great people and I loved what they both had to say.

My favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Samoa is it makes up 19% of sales. How does your favorite do?

Up for a photo challenge? Try Chelsey's self-portrait challenge this week.

Salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas. I'm going to try making these tonight.

Isn't this peter pan collar manicure adorable? 

Loving this simple round up of baby boy nursery art over on the Collected blog.

Have you ever heard of Ink Butter? They're one of my newest sponsors and I'm so excited about their product- if you get tattooed or have plans to get tattooed, check this stuff out.

What a great, simple reminder from Kaelah.

Don's giving us a behind-the-scenes look at his design process. Awesome!

Cameron Garland created one of my favorite things in our home, and it was neat to see it up on his website! Have a look.

Loving Max's "Dear Baby" series over on Katie's Pencil Box.

How neat are these igloos?!

Like Boston Terriers? I do! If so check out Jess' free Boston printable.

Need help feeding your Super Bowl watchers? Have no fear- Shutterbean has it covered.

A couple blogs I'm loving right now: one and two.

One of my sweet readers' husbands sent me his band to check out and I thought they were great!

A baby iPhone case. Need I say more?

Carbs are killing us, apparently! Interesting infographic.

Big news from Jess! This has me smiling from ear to ear.

And finally, congratulations to Eden, who was the winner of the Unicorn Parade custom banner giveaway! I'll be emailing you later today about claiming your prize. Thanks again to all who entered!