Tattoo Tuesday V.110

Name and blog name: Izabelle and my blog is Izznit
Age: Early twenties
Occupation: I am 1/3 of Boojiboo, an apron making trio.
Age of first tattoo: 18
Favorite tattoo: The one of Lily, my French bulldog. I got her two years ago and she’s been my muse ever since ;)
Featured tattoo/location: Dagger of doom on my left forearm.
Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Eric Jones of Palehorse Tattoo. He currently works at Torch Tattoo in Anaheim, California.

1) Tell us about your featured tattoo- is there a background story about why you chose it, or maybe a special meaning? 

I don’t suffer (tolerate) fools. Life is too short for that and there are so many other things I’d rather be doing. It’s pretty straight forward but so am I.
Of all my tattoos this is the one that gets the most attention. After I answer the usual “what does it mean?” I either get a laugh or a puzzled look. I’ve actually offended someone with my explanation so now I answer in a happy voice. A smile is sometimes thrown in to mess with their mind ;).

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?

All but two of the ones pictured are from Eric Jones. The blue owl on my right bicep was done by Lindsey Carmichael of Goldrush Tattoo in Costa Mesa, CA. The girl on my right shin was done by Valerie Vargas of Frith St. Tattoo in London.
The swallow with the scissors represents my love for sewing. I learned when I was eight and went to fashion school after uni. I don’t blog about it much but sewing is a major part of my life and what I’m best at.
The ship tattoo on my right arm has a banner that reads, “all is fine”. It’s something my Dad likes to scream when things are NOT fine.

3) Do you plan on getting more? 

Definitely! The next will probably go in my other armpit. The only parts I won’t tattoo for now are my face, neck and hands, everything else is fair game. I like that I can wear a sweater with jeans and appear tattoo-less.

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? 

My mom wasn’t happy when I surprised her with my first but now she feels badass by association (her words, not mine)! My Dad is the complete opposite. Born and raised in China he always associated tattoos with the triads, drugs, and prison. He’s still not pleased with them but no longer rants when shown a new one, I get a wordless nod instead. Baby steps. My sister loves them and has a few herself. My two brothers like tattoos on other people but not on themselves (how many of you have heard that before?).

For the most part my friends are OK with my tattoos. I wouldn’t say they’re supportive but they’re not negative.

Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?

I’ve become pretty used to the negative comments and try to not let them phase me. “They obviously don’t have standards here” was one of the first said to my face and was a heck of an eye opener. I’ve also been ignored by sales associates at boutiques because they didn’t think I’d buy anything. Looking back though, all the negative encounters left me with a greater appreciation for my tattoos. They’re wonderful people filters.

The positive experiences outnumber the negative ones tenfold. One of my favorites involved an older woman at the grocery store. She followed me through the aisles for a while and when she finally caught me at the register said, “I thought why would a girl do that to her body but then I saw it said Mom and went awww! Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

5) What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos? 

I was sitting outside a coffee shop when an older man approached and told me about his stint in the navy. The best part about this already awesome encounter was his outfit though—blue polo tucked into his white Bermuda shorts, aviators (the shiny reflector kind), and A CAPTAIN’S HAT.

6) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

Fame doesn’t indicate quality, be patient, and a good tattoo is always worth the wait.