Our Quiet Little Valentine's

If you didn't know, Hank and I are total homebodies. We prefer getting cozy on the couch with takeout Thai food on our laps watching an AppleTV rental, than doing just about anything. So that's exactly what we did for our Valentine's evening.

Hank got off work around five, and he came back home to get Henry and me and we headed over to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai place. It actually kind of is a hole in the wall- it's about the size of a large walk-in closet and is basically just a kitchen and a tiny counter. There's some seating outside that we frequent in the summertime, but more often than not we get our meals to go.  I always get the "Danielle healthy tofu dish" and Hank gets the "Hank peanut dish." I love living in a small town.

So we got our food, came home, put the little guy to bed (not before forcing about a million photobooth photos- more on that later), and turned on our movie. We decided to rent "The Other 'F' Word" and oh my, it was GREAT! I highly recommend it to anyone who's a parent, grew up listening to punk rock, or really...anyone! It's just fantastic.

It was a really, really fun night. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. Just another evening where I felt incredibly thankful to have all of this love in my life.

And about those photobooth photos? All this mama wanted was one good picture of us in our pajamas on Valentine's night. Instead, I had us take way too many photos that all turned out pretty hilarious due to a certain little someone. In my defense we used the "four shot" photobooth feature so it only took about one minute to take them all. ha. Can't a girl just get ONE perfect photo to document the perfect night? ;) These days Henry is impossible to photograph, and if he isn't in the mood to be held then watch out. Our sweet boy will straighten up, scream, and basically make it impossible. You can also see the progression of "props" we gave him (aka things to distract him while I took "just one more"), but no, nothing really worked. In the end, I kind of love these photos more than I could have ever loved the elusive "perfect" one I wanted. These are us in a nutshell right now, and really, that's pretty perfect.

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