and the Villa Nova...

UPDATED: Earlier this week I was contacted by Kristian of Chorus Grant, who asked if I’d be interested in posting a track from the forthcoming debut album and the Villa Nova as a free download (as well as adding a word or two about the album soon being out). I replied that of course I’d be interested, plus at the same time being thrilled about getting the opportunity to get an advanced listen to a much anticipated album. So yesterday I dedicated some time to listening, but after a few spins I felt that writing a few words about this album would be an almost impossible task. Musically it seems to be heading in every possible direction, shamelessly flirting with a number of genres and yet at the end mysteriously feeling like one complete whole. So I decided to mail the man back asking him to describe the music and when I read his enthusiastic replies (he needed two) I felt a little less puzzled. As he sums it up: “I want to do it all and I’ve promised myself that I’ll be allowed to do that” and for this purpose he’s “invented” the term computer-grunge. Not referring to the Seattle grunge sound, but rather as a way to describe that he thinks of the music as “muddy” which (yes indeed) can find inspiration anywhere from anyone (from The Beatles to The Radio Dept.). But in the same breath he added that he basically feels like a singer-songwriter, who just enjoys creating pop music, which, as simple as it may sound, doesn’t make the whole thing less complex. Add to this that the album has been partly inspired by the above picture of an old (and since long defunct) Bornholmian dancehall and you’ll find plenty on this intriguing and overwhelming album to keep you spellbound for a long time...not sure if the giveaway track Her Face In The Sun represents the album best (being a country-folk singer-songwriter track that will make you start dreaming of tumbleweeds), but then again, I doubt if it is at all possible to pick just one track that will! But grab it while it’s there (will be up for just one week), stream the album teaser as well and hopefully your attention has been caught! Out on Danish iTunes (link will be updated, when the album is available) on Tuesday February 14 (“worldwide” in March) and for now will be a digital only release for now...check out first review of the album (by Gaffa)...

Chorus Grant - Her Face In The Sun
+ Her Face In The Sun (mp3)

Chorus Grant "and the Villa Nova" album teaser

One more album track has been uploaded for streaming:

A Letter From Karen by Chorus Grant