A Very Merry Un-Half-Birthday!


"Good morning, my sweet half-birthday boy!"

I got Henry out of his crib this morning with a little more gusto than usual; it was his half-birthday after all, and I was ready to start our day!  I hummed "Happy half-birthday to you, happy half-birthday to you" as I changed his diaper, picked out my favorite cardigan for him to wear, and got him ready for a day of running around town. His half-birthday was technically on Sunday, but since we already had a birthday party to attend that day followed by a busy Monday night, today was day we had designated to celebrate turning 18 months old.

It may sound silly, but it's always been important to us to make fun little family traditions like this. I had them growing up, and I love the idea of having something to look forward to every year...and in this case, every half year! So I went out and bought us two special cupcakes from our favorite local bakery- a coconut flavored one for Henry and a root beer float version for Hank and me to split.

When we got home I started typing up a little blog post too- "Henry: 18 months," and couldn't help but to wax a bit poetic yet again at how quickly time is going by. 18 months. Somehow this half of a year felt shorter than ever, if that was even possible. I took a break from blogging for a moment to upload a photo of the delicious-looking cupcakes to Instagram (Why yes! That is a root beer float cupcake with a mini straw!) and set my phone back down to type some more. A few notification dings later I picked it back up and saw a lot of "Henry was born in October like me! Yay!" and realized that yes, time had gone by very quickly. So quickly in fact, that I had skipped an entire month and was not two days late to celebrate Henry's half-birthday, but actually an entire month early! Oh, Mommy brain.

17-month cupcakes, anyone?