Tattoo Tuesday hiatus

lunch at Joe's Farm Grill

Hi everyone! I just wanted to leave a little post to let you guys know that I am putting Tattoo Tuesday on hiatus. After almost two and a half years of never, ever missing a week, I am stopping for a bit. I haven't been as enthusiastic about sharing or scheduling them, and it's important to me to find enjoyment in the things I post here. I do have quite a few great ones in my queue, and I am looking to bring Tattoo Tuesday back sometimes in July or August. So for now, the feature is on summer vacation! I am hoping to be back with V.124 before you know it. xoxo

p.s. if you would like to be a part of the feature once it returns, feel free to email me at sometimessweetblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Please put "TATTOO TUESDAY" in your subject header and include 2-3 photos of your tattoos.